Originally from Tallinn, Estonia.
       Dima Kalenda: Master Cinematographer and Visual Storyteller
In the cosmos of celluloid dreams and raw realities, Dima Kalenda stands as a virtuoso, a cinematographer and director whose gaze transcends the mundane, orchestrating the ordinary into a visual symphony. Specialising in fashion, sports, and documentaries, Kalenda isn't merely an image recorder; he's a storyteller, manipulating light and shadow like a seasoned bard.

With an eye keener than a razor's edge, Kalenda's work is fresh— a kaleidoscopic tapestry woven with threads of creativity. He dances with the camera, etching moments that linger long after the film fades to black.

Featured in the 97th edition of British Cinematographer, Kalenda's name is a clandestine password among the initiated. From Atlas to the mesmerising vistas of Laowa Anamorphic Lenses, his mark on the cinematic landscape is indelible. Blackmagic Design's digital haven proudly hosts his collaboration.

He navigates neon-lit alleys where grit meets glamour, each frame telling a tale of unapologetic life. Kalenda, a celluloid poet, paints with light and shadow, leaving an enduring mark on the canvas of visual storytelling.

Client list includes : Adidas, Nike, Playstation, Trainline, DJI, Uefa, Manchester United, New Balance, Puma, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Liverpool FC, Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Wolfsburg, NHL, Gola, Ellesse, Warehouse, Phix, Cast no Shadow, Stance, END, Clarks Originals, A Bathing Ape and many more.